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Welcome to the Echoes Blog. Here, you can find a reverse-chronological list of new server features and updates. This list began on August 29th of 2020, and will be updated whenever something significant is added or changed.
September 29th, 2020 (09/29/2020) First, the spawn radius on Echoes: Vanilla has been expanded to 1,000 blocks in an effort to deter players from obstructing the server spawnpoint. Second, a new Halloween Dimension was created for the month of October. The dimension may be accessed by typing !halloween. The Halloween Dimension will feature several exclusive generated structures and possibly a boss, called the Cum Ghost. And third, a halloween-themed resource pack has been installed on Echoes: Vanilla.
September 11th, 2020 (09/11/2020) Purchased a new dedi to host Echoes: Modded. The mod pack will be scaled down and the old Modded map reset to host a new iteration of Echoes: Modded. The full modpack will be available here, and the lightweight version of the pack (for weaker PCs without great graphics cards or the most RAM) is available here.
August 28th, 2020 (08/28/2020) Added new Cumland dimension. This dimension may only be accessed by players with the [COOMLORD] prefix. You can acquire the [COOMLORD] prefix by spamming the !cum command up to ten times. Cumland is subject to frequent resets until we get the terrain generation just right. It's a bleak, black-and-white dimension composed of white concrete and a blackstone/basalt surface layer. There's a constant ambient wind noise playing for all users who enter. It's intended that Cumland will not harbor any useful features. It's just an easter egg.
August 27th, 2020 (08/27/2020) Vertically integrated the Stoneblock, Overworld, Heaven, Space, and End dimensions. You may now access any of these from any of the other ones. Players in the overworld may fly up past y=500, and this will teleport them to their overworld X and Z coordinates, but at y=-20 in the Heaven dimension. Similarly, players may then fly up to y=500 in Heaven to access the Space dimension, and fly up to y=500 in Space to access The End. Also, players may bore a hole into the bedrock floor of the overworld to access the Stoneblock dimension. Bedrock can be broken by a variety of methods, but there's a data pack installed that allows players to convert bedrock to cobblestone using lingering weakness potions (the 22 second ones, not the ones that last for a full minute). You'll need to make quite a few of them, however, because the Stoneblock dimension features a bedrock ceiling that must be broken in order to access it, sort of like the nether roof. Remember to bring torches with you, too! The Superflat dimension is not integrated into this system.
August 26th, 2020 (08/26/2020) Added a variety of new, custom dimensions. A list of them is as follows.
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