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Bot Commands

Welcome to the help page for all of the Swim's bots. This has a list of all of _saltshaker's commands.

Teleport Commands
  • !tpa username Currently disabled. Teleports you to the player you specify. They must click the message that appears to them in chat, or type !accept your-username to accept your request.
  • !spawn Currently disabled. Brings you to the world spawn point, at (0,0) in the Overworld. Has a cooldown of 1 minute between each use.
  • Player-specific Commands
    These commands allow the players to view information about themselves or to escape from bed traps.
    Server-wide Commands
    These commands allow the player to interact with gamerules, examine the server specs (like the current TPS), or to learn about other players.
    Map Commands
    The following commands, when typed in chat exactly as they are below, will give you special map "emojis."
    Useless Commands
    We'll start with a list of self-explanatory, useless commands, then work up to more complicated ones.
    Prefix Commands
    All of these commands add a prefix before your name. To remove any prefix, just type !unprefix.

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